Dear Clients of Salon Cabelo

I have been in the industry for over 11 years (WOW!!!) and throughout the years you all have seen me transition MANY MANY MANY times. I have not for one second taken for granted that you all have chosen to trust me with the health of your hair. I have grown into a better stylist and business because of you all. The times I’ve felt like I couldn’t get any better you all challenged and motivated me selflessly. Every time I thought I reached my creative limit you all reminded me of how far I’ve come and how much further I can go.

I started my career in my apartment (with two other roommates…thanks guys!) to make money while I was in college at Clark Atlanta University. Many of you have been with since those beautiful and hilarious days of apartment 5210. Many of you were with me while I was attending Empire Beauty School to support me to make my dream a reality. Many of you met me while I was an assistant stylist at Hair Atlanta of Buckhead and took that chance on a junior stylist. There were a great portion of you that met me when I was an independent contractor at Adeva Salon. All of these transitions in my career led me to open the doors of Salon Cabelo! NONE of it would’ve been possible without the most amazing clients in the WORLD!!!!

I really appreciate and ADORE each and EVERY ONE OF YOU!!! I will continue to try to make you all proud of me and I will continue to make you all the most beautiful women that I have ever known! With every step I continue to take in my career I will celebrate your stories, laughter, advice, tragedies, triumphs and growth because I really mean it when I say YOUR BEAUTY IS CELEBRATED HERE!!!!!


Your Rachie 😉