Over-processing, environmental factors, and every day use of hot tools can all cause damage to our hair. Rejuvenate your tresses with one of our healing treatments. In just one session, you will be able to see and feel the difference. From conditioning to keratin smoothing treatments, we offer a variety of services to accommodate the needs of all hair types and client concerns.

“Anti-Snap” Protein Treatment – $25 (30 mins.)
To temporarily rebuild the structure of damaged brittle hair. Add on service only.

Amino Acid Treatment – $175 & up
Rebuild the hair from the inside out on a cellular level.

Gloss Treatment – $15
Add on Service Only

Keratin Express – $175 & up
Temporary smoothing hair treatment that will last 3-6 weeks. Consultation needed for this service.

Keratin Smoothing – $300 & up
Temporary smoothing hair treatment the will last 3-6 months. Consultation needed for this service.

Moisture Masque – $25
An add on service to give hair a deep condition to replenish dry brittle hair.

Moisture Treatment – $25 (30 mins.)
To rebuild the natural moisture and elasticity of the hair. Add on Service Only

Shine Treatment – $25 (30 mins.)
To maintain the natural vitamin balance to give hair it’s natural shine. Add on Service Only.

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